Post your favorite online French resources and samples of student work here.

BlabberizeLogo.jpg- Take any image, add a mouth to it, record something for it to say, and watch it become a moving conversationalist!

FotobabbleLogo.jpg- Upload photos, record a message, and share

GlogsterLogo.jpg - Free, multimedia poster-maker. Set up student accounts for educational use.

GoAnimateNewLogo.jpg - Create animated videos from stock characters, images, music, and effects, or upload your own and lay them in tracks. Students have to type text into Word and then copy and paste it in order to get diacritical marks.

PhotopeachLogo.jpg - Quickly create slide shows with captions, text, photos, and quiz questions

  • La famille - Slideshow that uses possessive adjectives, family vocab., and famous people to create a fictional family in French

- Students can select illustrations from real children's picture book illustrators, then use them to illustrate their own, original stories. Diacritical marks must be cut and pasted in (via Word, for example)

ThingLink.JPG - Search for images in the TL, then "annotate" them with audio, links, text, or videos

VokiLogo.jpg- Speaking avatars

- Use this search tool to find people to follow on Twitter

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WikispacesLogo.pngWikispaces- Make your own wiki!