Consider the following questions as you plan technology-infused activities for your students. The Templates page will help you plan your tasks and scaffold them for students. To see sample student projects, materials, and grading rubrics, visit the TeensNTech wiki and scroll down to the Projects section.

Product: Are my expectations for what students will do with the technology clear?

Preparation: Have I determined how I will prepare students to accomplish the task (in terms of content, process, and technology skills)?

Process: Have I anticipated at what points students may encounter difficulty and developed scaffolding that will enable them to be successful with those portions of the task?

Presentation: Have I thoughtfully planned pedagogically sound ways for students to share their work?

Performance: Have I planned how I will assess students' performance and how I will provide them with feedback that will help them to progress?

Other Resources

Oral Assessment in the Foreign Language Classroom: Planning, Conducting, & Managing the Possible Dream - Fantastic resource from North Carolina with simple steps for creating assessments as well as great examples of checklists, different kinds of rubrics (analytic v. holistic), etc.