Post your favorite templates for lesson planning, scaffolding student work, etc., here.

Learning Centers

More information and examples of learning centers are available this page (which will take you to another wiki): Learning Centers

Lesson Planning

- Photocopy on one page (front-to-back) and then use as a handy reference sheet to give you ideas when planning your lessons

- This template is designed to help you plan well-scaffolded, culturally contextualized lessons

Personal Password List

- Use this list to keep track of your passwords for each of the websites you use

Scaffolding Student Work

Example of what scaffolding for a project might look like:

Teacher Self-evaluation

- Use this rubric to evaluate your own teaching
- This rubric contains more details (and therefore more words!)

Thematic Unit Planning

- Some graphic organizers designed to help you do the thinking part of your unit planning before you actually write out the thematic unit

- Just click and type (deleting all instructions that appear in red as you go)

- A PDF version of the Word template above for those who do not have the latest version of Word