Post your favorite tools for creative communication here. Download or print this list and use it to keep track of the passwords you create for each site

Creative Communication

acapela-box-logo.jpg - Text-to-speech: type your text in the box, select from m/f native speaker voices in many languages (including LCTLs), adjust speech rate and voice shaping, then download your file

BlabberizeLogo.jpg- Take any image, add a mouth to it, record something for it to say, and watch it become a moving conversationalist!

AnimotoLogo.jpg- Upload photos, select your music, and then it will turn them into videos

AudiobooLogo.png - Create 3-min. audio files from your browser or mobile, publish, Tweet, etc.

BubblejoyLogo.png - Record a short video w/ a webcam, select a card design, share via URL or Twitter

CapzlesLogo.JPG - Create embeddable timelines that include photos, audio, videos, etc.

FotobabbleLogo.jpg- Upload photos, record a message, and share

Adolescents Americans vs. Adolescents Francais - Example in French comparing teenage life in the U.S. and France
Adopt-a-Pet for Spanish 101 - Example in Spanish
Chinese Oral - Example of an oral exam in Chinese
Chinese Picture Description - Example in Chinese of a student describing a photo from a play
Francais 95's fotobabble - Example in beginning French about a visit to an art museum
Japanese City/Town/Village - Description of a Japanese community
Japanese City Park - Description of a Japanese park
Meine familie - Example in beginning German describing family
Monkey King - Example in fluent Chinese of storytelling
Qual é o seu nome? - Example in Portuguese of two people introducing themselves

GlogsterLogo.jpg- Free, multimedia poster-maker. Set up student accounts for educational use.
**All About Me Project (Spanish) Note that students can include their own voices!

Go Animate - Create animated videos from stock characters, images, music, and effects, or upload your own and lay them in tracks. Students have to type text into Word and then copy and paste it in order to get diacritical marks.

JamAGramLogo.JPG - Record your speech, it turns it into music and even alters your voice in some cases

LittleBirdTalesLogo.jpg - Very simple, easy-to-use interface allows you to upload or draw images, add text, record your voice, then play and even embed your story

OurStoryLogo.jpg - Create collaborative timelines with text, photos, and videos. You can also choose a type of album, answer questions, and it will generate it for you

PhotopeachLogo.jpg - Quickly create slide shows with captions, text, photos, and quiz questions
  • La famille - Slideshow that uses possessive adjectives, family vocab., and famous people to create a fictional family in French
  • Fotos del espacio - Slideshow of photos of black holes, supernovas, etc., labeled in Spanish
  • Polar Bear Quiz - Interactive quiz about polar bears and their habitat
  • ¿Vida o sida? - Slideshow about AIDS in Spanish (note, some images may not be suitable for classroom use
  • Y ahora . . . qué? - Slideshow about aging in Spanish

SkypeLogo.png- Hold videoconferences with colleagues from around the world for free

SlideStoryLogo.png - Allows you to audio narration onto a slideshow

TrakAxPcLogo.gif - Free audio/video editing software you can download and use to make mashups

XtranormalNewLogo.jpg - Create movies
  • Camila y Gozo - Sample conversation between 2 roommates made in Xtranormal (in Spanish)

VocarooLogo.gif- Click, record, share

VoicethreadLogo.jpg- Photo stories that allow audio voiceovers and audio comments

VokiLogo.jpg- Speaking avatars

UJamLogo.JPG - Create your own sound files, enhance your voice with effects, turn your voice into an instrument, save, and share

Creative Writing

BookrLogo.jpg - Create free photobooks from copyright-safe Flickr images and a template

BigHugeLabsLogo.png - Create badges, billboards, CD covers, collages, cubes, jigsaw puzzles, magazine covers, mosaics, movie posters, trading cards, and more

BoysLifeComicCreator.png - Students can create their own Peewee comics by mixing and matching backgrounds, characters, props, adding text, and printing their creations - chericem1 chericem1

BurgerDiagram.JPG - Create a hamburger diagram

ePubBudLogo.JPG - Create e-books that can be read by any e-reader


FlipsnackLogo.png - Create your own magazines

GoogleDocsLogo.gif- Free, online, collaborative suite of office tools (forms, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing)

IssuuLogo.jpg- Create your own, digital magazines

KerpoofLogo.jpg - Allows students or teachers to use comics and different characters with different emotional body language...You can create stories and apply text and thought bubbles. It goes up to 4 frames, but to do more than one, you can simply create 2 individual sets. It allows you to print and email them after!! But be sure you do! The site does not store them once you've closed the browser!

LetterpopLogo.jpg - Create newsletters with photos from templates and host up to 10 online for free at any given time

MakeBeliefsComix.png- Comic generator site lets you select from a number of different characters, change their emotions, overlap elements, rescale things, etc.

MixbookLogo.jpg- Create and share photo scrapbooks online (you can also print them)

MotivatorPoster.jpg - Create motivational posters by adding your own photos and text

My Brochure Maker - Brochures

PadletLogo.png- Collaboratively "graffiti" by posting "stickies" on this online "wall"
PenzuLogo.jpg - Online journaling that allows you to attach photos

PixtonComics.jpg - Comic strip creation site that will take Chinese characters (and translate them) - courtesy of Aaron Bray
SimplebookletLogo.png - Very intuitive interface for creating booklets and brochures (similar to Issuu)

SMSGenerator.JPG - Generate fake text messages

SnapshirtsLogo.jpg - Type in text, it generates a tag cloud you can print on t-shirts

Storify.JPG - Electronic template for creating stories--allows linking to social media

- Students can select illustrations from real children's picture book illustrators, then use them to illustrate their own, original stories. Diacritical marks must be cut and pasted in (via Word, for example)

StripgeneratorLogo.jpg - A phenomenal site with stock characters that will appeal to students and allows them to create truly original work - chericem1 chericem1

SuperstickiesLogo.png- Put your own text on a Post-it note image

TagulLogo.png - Make tag (word) clouds in different shapes
TagxedoLogo.jpg - Upload your text (or the URL of your blog) to make tag clouds in all sorts of very detailed shapes

ThingLink.JPG - Search for images in the TL, then "annotate" them with audio, links, text, or videos

ToondooLogo.jpg - A really nice site that lets you drag and drop characters, props, and even speed lines, etc. into comic frames. You can position things in front of or behind other things using the buttons at the bottom. Very intuitive and kid friendly. Be sure to click on all the buttons (Suggested by vidgan1)

ToonletLogo.png - Comic creation software

TwisterLogo.JPG - Create fake Tweets using this generator

YoublisherLogo.jpg - Create flippable magazines or reports for free (from uploaded PDFs)
WeeblyLogo.gif - Free, online website creation

WikispacesLogo.pngWikispaces- Make your own wiki!

WixLogo.jpg - Create free flash websites

WordleLogo.png- Make your own tag (word) cloud (Why Wordle?)

YoublisherLogo.jpg - Create flippable magazines or reports for free (from uploaded PDFs)

ZooburstLogo.jpg- 3D, augmented reality pop-up books

Critical Thinking

ClassToolsVennDiagramLogo.JPG - Choose a 2- or 3-circle Venn diagram, then change the labels, add notes, save, and share

doodleLogo.png - Lets you poll large groups of people so you can schedule meetings and events
EasellyLogo.png - Create infographics from templates or from scratch, then share them

InfogramLogo.png- Create interactive infographics (with audio, charts, graphs, images, text, and video) from templates, then share them

ManyEyesLogo.JPG - Use existing data or upload your own to create infographics from templates

MentimeterLogo.png - Create your own polls that students answer via text (extremely basic)

PollEverywhereLogo.jpg - Quickly post a question and watch as the votes change while students text their answers to the poll. You can also download your poll as a PowerPoint slide to include in a presentation

PrioritizerLogo.jpg- Make a "to do" list, it helps you prioritize your tasks through a series of forced choices

solvrlogo.png- Allows threaded brainstorming


(See also PLN Tools below)

BiblionasiumLogo.JPG - Create your own booklists, reading groups, challenges, and reports (similar to Goodreads)

ClassDojoLogo.png - Free, online course management system that allows teachers to create classes, track student information, etc.
CollaborizeClassroomLogo.jpg- Free, online learning management platform that allows teachers to engage students in discussions, polls, and projects. Also has reporting features.

dabbleboard_logo.png- Collaborative whiteboard

EdmodoLogo.jpg - Collaborative social community (a la Facebook) for students and teachers in

educational settings

GoogleDocsLogo.gif- Free, online, collaborative suite of office tools (forms, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing)

HootcourseLogo.jpg - An online community similar to Twitter, but designed for use in education

OurStoryLogo.jpg - Create collaborative timelines with text, photos, and videos. You can also choose a type of album, answer questions, and it will generate it for you

PadletLogo.png- Collaboratively "graffiti" by posting "stickies" on this online "wall"

SkypeLogo.png- Hold videoconferences with colleagues from around the world for free

solvrlogo.png- Allows threaded brainstorming

SymbalooLogo.jpg - Create a customizable search page using icons

VoicethreadLogo.jpg- Photo stories that allow audio voiceovers and audio comments

WeVideoLogo.png - Video editing in a browser (collaborative if you pay)

WikispacesLogo.pngWikispaces- Make your own wiki!

PLN Tools

AcademiaEduLogo.jpg- An online community for academics similar to Facebook

DeliciousLogo.jpg - Online social bookmarking (I prefer to bookmark in Diigo and retrieve through Delicious)

DiigoLogo.jpg- An online community that allows you to engage in discussions; annotate, highlight, and archive webpages; and save and share bookmarks with like-minded colleagues
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FacebookLogo.jpg - An online community that allows you to chat with colleagues, create events, hold discussions, post links/photos/resources/videos, and share information with different groups of people

FLTEACHLogo.gif - A professional listserv with a circulation of over 6,000 K-12 teachers, researchers, scholars, and university professors from around the world involved in world language education

LinkedInLogo.png - Linked In in Plain English video

NingLogo.jpg - Create your own online community

ThatCampLogo.gif - A series of "unconferences" for people interested in intersections between the humanities and technology

TweetDeckLogo.jpg- Tool you can use to manage Facebook and Twitter feeds

twitter_logo_header.png - A great tool for professional networking and keeping up with the latest developments in your chosen fieldin 140 characters or less! (WeFollowLogo.jpg - Use this search tool to find people to follow on Twitter)

People to follow:

Educational Technology

chrislehmann (Chris Lehmann - Administration)
courosa (Alec Courous - Canada)
dwarlick (David Warlick)
gsiemens (George Siemens)
hrheingold (Howard Rheingold - Digital Journalism)
irasocol (Ira Socol - Michigan, Assistive Tech)
kanter (Beth Kanter - Non-profits)
lesliedavison (Leslie Davison)
oldaily (Stephen Downes)
olliebray (Ollie Bray - Scotland)
timlauer (Tim Lauer)
wfryer (Wesley Fryer)
willrich45 (Will Richardson)
zephoria (Danah Boyd)


ben_fry (Ben Fry) - Computer Science, Design, Visualization
mashable (Pete Cashmere) - Social Media
Richard_Florida (Richard Florida) - Creativity
stanfordeng (Stanford Engineering) - Design, Engineering, & Innovation
yochaibenkler (Yochai Benkler) - Law, Social Media

World Language Education

bplindsey (Barbara Lindsey)
ckendall (Cindy Kendall - Michigan)
dlfulton (Lynn Fulton-Archer - South Carolina)
gaugler (Kevin Gaugler - New York)
icpjones (Isabelle Jones - England)
jannachiang (Janna Chiang - Kentucky)
jessmcculloch (Jess McCulloch - Australia)
lkolb (Liz Kolb - Michigan)
lrosen (Lauren Rosen)
paulinobrener (Paulino Brener)
skrashen (Stephen Krashen)
tmsaue1 (Thomas Sauer - Kentucky)
tonitheisen (Toni Theisen - Colorado)
ZJonesSpanish (Zachary Jones)

Tech Terms

More Cool Tech Tools

  • Applian FLV Player
  • Audacity - Excellent, free audio recording & editing software
  • Cmap - Free social concept mapping tools that allow you to collaborate, attach documents and images, etc. (requires registration)
  • Google Earth - Free program that allows you to see 3-dimensional views of the earth, cities, etc.
  • Google Talk - Free chat program
  • iTunes - Free multimedia player
  • Mindomo - Free, collaborative concept-mapping
  • Photofunia - Upload a photo, select from a comprehensive list of photo effects, then save, create an avatar, etc. Photos deleted every 2 hours
  • Second Life - Free virtual world software
  • - Set up an ad-free, "disposable" chat room in one click. No registration required.
  • - Convert documents to PDFs while maintaining hyperlinks

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