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  1. page Tools for Professional Productivity edited ... {DeliciousLogo.jpg} - Save your bookmarks (a.k.a. "favorites") online & then acc…
    {DeliciousLogo.jpg} - Save your bookmarks (a.k.a. "favorites") online & then access them from any computer
    {DiigoLogo.jpg} - Same as Delicious, but on steroids (allows highlighting and archiving of webpages, social interaction, etc.)
    {DivShareLogo.png} - Free online hosting and file sharing
    {DonorsChooseLogo.gif} - Propose a classroom project. Donors can donate to your cause
    - Requires download

    {DumprLogo.png} - Make coloring books and other interesting things from photos, save as JPEGs and use as illustrations for assignments or worksheets
    {EviteLogo.jpg} - Design invitations and send them via e-mail. See who has RSVP'd
    {OnlineStopwatchLogo.gif} - Online Stopwatch - Use this to monitor group work, to count down how much "English Break Time" is left, etc.
    {PandoraLogo.jpg} - You select the artist or genre and it generates a station that plays music similar to the style of the selected artist
    {Pastelink.jpg} - Allows you to link a file and send it without registration or software download.
    {PlaylistLogo.jpg} - Search for songs, save them, and then make the playlist available to your students by giving them the direct link or embedding it into a wiki or website
    {PreziLogo.jpg} - Create dynamic, non-linear presentations and concept maps (Storytelling with Prezi)
    Send Tab URLs Firefox Extension
    - Send Tab URLs - Send a list of links from open tabs to yourself or others in an e-mail message with this Firefox extension
    {SenduitLogo.gif} - Similar to Divshare, but with an expiration time (from 30 minutes to 1 week). Super simple interface. Easy for technophobes.
    {SkypeLogo.png} - Hold videoconferences with colleagues from around the world for free
    {SlideshareLogo.gif} - Upload ppt presentations to share with others (Example: STARTALK: Developing Teacher Leaders)
    {Teamviewr.jpg} TeamViewer is a program that allows you to remote control another computer. This allows you to control your pc from a smart phone or tablet so that you can walk around the room during a presentation. It also allows you transfer files between computers or access files you forgot on your home or school computer from any other computer. Additionally it can be used as meeting software to allow you to video chat while showing your screen to up to 25 other computers which is good if you need to show the class how to do a new task or if you need to show someone how to do something from a distance. Its a very powerful free tool that you should play around with.darcoza
    {TestMozLogo.gif} - Multiple choice test generator that scores the test and produces reports. Doesn't require login unless you want to save everything.
    {TransferBigFiles.png} - Extremely simple interface. Simply browse for your file, type in the e-mail address of the recipient, and click Send!
    {TubeChopLogo.gif} - Show specific segments of YouTube videos
    {TweetDeckLogo.jpg} - Keep track of all your Facebook & Twitter feeds in one place
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  1. page MaFLA 2013 Agenda edited ... Goals of the session {Click2CollaborateButtonSlide.jpg} Materials are located on the wiki …
    Goals of the session
    Materials are located on the wiki
    Links to tools are in Symbaloo

    21st Century Skills
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  2. page MaFLA 2013 Agenda edited ... Debates/Human Graphing {TriciderLogo.JPG} {Human Graphing Signs English.pdf} Picture Wa…
    Debates/Human Graphing
    {Human Graphing Signs English.pdf}
    Picture Walk (Persuasive Writing)
    {Picture Walk.pdf}
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